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Scissor lift 2.8t Short


Scissor lift 2.8t Short  - 4EE1151


► Change oil and filters. ► Change engine / belts / aistida address. ► Change brakes. ► Repair auxiliary equipment. ► Change dampers. ► Change transmission and differential. ► Repairs fast service. ► Changing tires. ► Reception of workshops. ► Repairs to vehicles over 2.8 tonnes. ► Repairs sheet.


► Product tested and certified according to the new European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and harmonized standard EN 1493-2010. ► Solid 4 cylinder structure to ensure two independent hydraulic circuits: hydraulic safety. ► safety valve overpressure. ► Hydraulic with safety device in case of altitude between platforms. ► Automatic safety stop at 300 mm. soil and beep all the way down. ► Safety system against obstacles on the descent. Foot protection. ► 100 mm adjustable photocell. (Maximum security)


► Its low profile platforms are suitable for special vehicles or tuned. ► The high quality handles ensure the lifting and lowering movements smoothly and stable. ► self-lubricated bearings maintenance free. ► first brand electrical components. ► engine optimized for high performance with low power consumption. ► Inductive proximity and contactless latest technology. ► Hydraulic seals "Premium". Maximum sealing and wear. ► self-lubricating bushings. ► High pressure hoses double pressing high quality mesh and test functionality. ► High performance Hydraulic (300 bar) increasing durability. ► 4 Cylinders hard chrome anti corrosion high quality pressed and functional test. ► Check all the safety of the elevator before leaving the factory. ► Innovation in the boot system, boot getting a move smoother and smaller efforts, which results in a longer duration of the parties that are directly related to it (bolts, bushings, etc..)

► Installation without work surface or ground recessed. ► Integrated Switchboard preinstalled. ► Design free compressed air. Bascule ► hardened platform act as useful. A system that leverages the entrance and exit ramps as an extension of the platforms. ► Quality engineering in all its components to ensure maximum working safety, longer life and minimize maintenance interventions. ► lifting mechanisms through a hydraulic group, which acts on single-acting cylinders. ► Quiet and maximum space optimization. ► Very stable, balanced, easy to handle and with the needs of the mechanic. ► Made with UNE-EN ISO 9001.


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