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Auto Scissor lift 3.5 T automatic technology


Auto Scissor lift 3.5 T automatic technology - 4EE1300

• Quality engineering to ensure the highest working safety, longer life time and to reduce maintenance interventions to the minimum.
• Lift mechanisms through a hydraulic group, which acts over hydraulic simple effect cylinder.
• The extended platforms allow getting profit from the entrance and exit ramps with an original system.
• Silent and with a highest space optimization of the work shop.
• Very stable and equilibrated of easy use, thinking in the mechanic needs.

• Suitable for any type of cars till 3.5 Tn.
• Strong structure of four oil cylinders to ensure two independent oil circuits: hydraulic safety.
• Minimum drive on height permits the lifting of low vehicles (105 mm)
• Equipped with flow control valve to regulate the lowering speed even without load.
• Non contact inductive proximity switches
• Automatic drainage of hydraulic circuits can be done easily by end user without technical assistance.


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